The Series

The Black Diamond Series chronicles the friendship bond of six teenage girls trying to “get in where they fit in.” In book I, the 14 year-old girls are hoping that their designer clothes can help them fake their way to fabulous and survive the adolescent roller coaster ride. A six book series, in books II-IV, Homer Glen High School is the setting, and the tale grips the young reader on a ride that includes the traditional young adult themes of body image, teen love, and mother daughter angst. The series goes a step further by exploring the death of a friend, interracial love, sexual identity and abandonment when a character learns that she is adopted.  In the final two books in the series, books V & VI, the characters bloom from college co-eds to young adults who have witnessed loss, love and fresh starts. In the end, the series reminds us that no matter our age, race or background,  the longing and hopefulness of a teen girl lives in each of our hearts.  

The Author

JC Ellis 12/17 headshot0E9B5749.jpg

An attorney, wife and mother of three, JC Conrad-Ellis lives in the D.C. area. Her series has been described as salacious young adult chick lit. The series includes a chapter where a character explores masturbation. When challenged on this, JC responded, “kids do it, teens do it, and adults do it, so what’s the big deal?” It was suggested that JC remove that scene, JC refused. After publication, an adult reader told JC that the carefully scripted masturbation narrative was touching.

JC’s goal is to write stories that take the reader on a journey where social constructs and barriers appear invisible or are simply ignored, and the uninformed reader becomes informed. JC wants readers to "boldly seek nurturing and mentoring from all of the women and men who positively impact their lives because positive people strengthen, challenge and encourage us to be our best selves." 

The Black Diamond Series takes you on an intimate journey thru teen love, loss, conflict and self-discovery. Each girl in the story is complex and beautifully flawed.   By book 6 in the series, readers will celebrate each character’s growth and maturation armed with a blueprint to help navigate their young adult waters.